Main Meals

We have a wide selection of fresh fish or meat dishes.
If you wish to order a specific steak, fish or shellfish such as lobster please notify us at least 24 hours prior to your reservation, thank you.


Aceitunas - £6.75
Marinated mixed olives

Jamon Serrano - £10.50
Wafer thin Spanish cured ham

Queso - £8.75
Spanish cheese with dried bread

Morcillas - £7.95
Spanish black pudding

Albondigas - £8.95
Homemade Spanish beef and pork meatballs in tomato sauce

Bacones - £8.95
Homemade meatballs, spiced and a little hot

Ropa Vieja - £8.90
Casserole of beef and pork with chick peas

Chorizo - £7.95
Sliced Spanish sausage grilled served in a paprika sauce

Bravas con Chorizo - £8.95
Roast potatoes in a hot paprika sauce with chorizo sausage

Beef & Pork Dishes

Picadillo - £8.95
Topside of beef cooked in red wine with peppers and onions.

Escolopines - £8.95
Sliced topside of beef, lightly floured and sautéd in garlic sauce

Carne Picante - £8.95
Topside of beef, sautéd in a hot paprika sauce

Vueltas - £8.95
Thinly sliced topside of beef in a garlic sauce

Cordero - £9.25
Slow roasted steak leg of lamb

Cerdo Frito - £8.75
Pan fried loin of pork, served in a spiced and sweet sauce

Pata de Cerdo - £8.75
Thinly sliced leg of pork, served in a tomato based sauce

Costillas - £8.75
Pork ribs, served in a sweet and spicy sauce, something to get your teeth into!

Pepitos - £8.95
Sliced pan fried pork, in a creamy, sherry mushroom sauce

Pollo - Chicken Dishes

Pollo Ajillo - £8.95
Chunky chicken breast, cooked in a white wine, garlic and cream sauce

Pollo Picante - £8.95
Spicy chunks of chicken cooked in a hot paprika sauce

Pollo con Gambas - £10.95
Chicken and king prawns sautéd with red peppers in a wine sauce

Pollo con Chorizo - £14.95
Whole stuffed chicken breast with chorizo, sliced and served in a cream sauce

Fish Dishes

Boquerones Frito - £9.75
Whole fried whitebait

Sardinas - £9.95
Marinated Sardines, charcoaled and served with lemon

Boquerones Frio - £7.25
Marinated fillets of whole whitebait served on a bed lettuce with vinegrette

Croquettas - £9.95
Homemade salted cod croquets

Pescado Frito - £10.50
Pieces of fresh fillet of cod with onion and peppers cooked in a sweet tangy sauce

Mariscos -
Shellfish Dishes

Gambas Ajillo - £11.95
Sizzling hot king prawns in chilli and garlic olive oil

Gambas Orlis - £11.95
Plump king prawns served in a spicy, sweet tarragon sauce

Pulpo Gallega - £11.75
Octopus with paprika and olive oil

Mejillones Vino Blanco - £9.50
Fresh mussels steamed and topped with a cream and white wine sauce

Mejillones LCV - £9.50
Steamed fresh mussels served in slightly spicy tomato sauce

Pulpo Vino - £11.75
Octopus in red wine sauce

Calamares Frito - £11.95
Lightly floured fried squid

Calamares Ajo - £11.50
Squid served in a lemon and garlic sauce

Sopa de Pescado - £8.95
Fish and shellfish soup

Vegetarian Dishes

Tortilla - £7.95
Traditional Spanish omelette with potatoes, onions and herbs

Ensalada LCV - £7.50
Fresh mixed salad with fruit

Ensalada Atun - £7.25
Fresh mixed salad with tuna

Corgettas Fritos - £8.50
Courgettes thinly sliced, floured and fried

Champinones Vino Blanco - £8.50
Mushrooms served in white wine and cream sauce

Champinones Ajillo - £7.75
Mushrooms served in hot olive garlic oil

Pisto - £8.9
Dish of mixed vegetables with chickpeas in white wine sauce

Patatas Bravas - £6.95
Roast potatoes, sautéd in a hot paprika and tomato sauce

Papas Mojo - £6.95
New potatoes in skin served in tomato and cream sauce


Homemade Desserts

Flambe De Platanos (Para 2)
La Casa Vieja’s banana flambe. For 2 persons.

Huevo Mole (Para 2)
A beautiful dish to share.
Creamy homemade custard from Spain.For 2 persons.

Spanish cheese.

Sorbet Del Dia
Fresh sorbet of the day.

Homemade Desserts

Espuma De Chocolate Casera
Rich chocolate and fresh cream mousse.

Flan De Caramelo a La Casa Vieja
Casa Vieja’s caramel egg flan.

Copa De Helados
Various flavoured ice cream.

Torija De Vino
La Casa Vieja’s famous Spanish bread pudding.

Peras Gratinados
Grilled pears with almonds in a homemade syrup sauce.

Drinks List

Red Wine

Rioja Vega
Tempranillo & Garnacha, Rioja
Flavourful and balanced palate with an excellent aftertaste of fresh fruits. Silky, structured and with a great volume.

100% Red Garnacha, Navarra
Intense aromas of ripe cherries with hints of wild fruit, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and subtle notes of peach and orange peel, very well integrated with the vanilla aromas from the ageing in barrel.

Rioja Vega - Crianza
Tempranillo, Mazuelo & Garnacha, Rioja
Silky, pleasant and enveloping on the palate, long, balanced, with very good tannins.

Albret - Crianza
Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Navarra
Complex palate of ripe red fruits and well intergrated wood. Balanced and elegant, this wine from a special vineyard went through a perfect barrel ageing process.

Rioja Vega - Reserva
Tempranillo, Mazuelo & Graciano, Rioja
Unctuous, velvety and balanced on the palate, with a good, high quality tannic structure.

100% Tempranillo, Burgos
Pleasant development on the palate, leaving behind it’s long way the weight of the fruit and the soft tannins. Round, balanced, harmonic, persistent.

Albret La Vina de Mi Madre - Reserva
Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, Navarra
Expressive and powerful nose with a wide array of aromas, especially black fruit jam, blackberries and cassis and hints of plums and dry figs. Subtle and complex aromas of vanilla, liquor chocolate and tobacco from the barrel ageing.

Rioja Vega - Gran Reserva
Tempranillo, Mazuelo & Graciano, Rioja
Ripe tannic structure. Flavourful, balanced and with a very long finish.

White Wine

Rioja Vega - Viura
Viura, Rioja
Inviting palate with a great balance and harmony of fruit flavours. Very fresh and appealing

100% Chardonnay, Navarra
Harmony of flavours on the palate, full, fresh with a perfect acidity. The fruit is evident and well intergrated with the wood from the aging in barrels, making this a round and pleasant wine.

100% Verdejo, Ruede
Elegant and very rich palate, fleshy and well structured. A fresh and acidic mid-palate highlights, its subtle varietal character enhanced by some fruity notes. The finish provides an intense and elegant bitterness.

Alba Vega
Albarino, Rias Baixas
Silky and well structured with pronounced fruit flavours on the palate. Refreshing and lively.

Principe de Viana
100% Chardonnay, Navarra
The overall impression is refreshing and full of life and brimming with fruit. A deep unctuous and rich mouthfeel, an exceptionally long finish and well balanced acidity.

Rose Wine

Rioja Vega
Garnacha, Rioja
Fruit flavours of pronounced intensity make this wine a pleasantly fresh and lively. Round, balanced and definitely inviting.

100% Garnacha. Navarra
Elegant and subtle palate. The velvety mouthfeel melts with bursting fruit flavours, resulting in a lively, pleasant and persistent after taste. The wood is perfectly integrated. The careful process on its fine less confers yet more body and balance.


Frozen Barcelona
A funky, fresh, Spanish, fruity, orange cocktail. Mixed with our house brandy. Sherry, orange liqueur, topped with cream.

Spanish Raindrop
Tequila inspired cocktail with sherry, fresh lime, splash of lemonade. Topped with orange zest.

Casa Vieja Sunrise
Fresh orange juice with tequila and grenadine with Licor 43

Mojito De Casa Vieja
Fresh lime, mint leaves, crushed with ice. Poured over Bacardi, topped with soda.

Tall glass with house red wine. Topped with Cola. Spanish favourite.

Canarian Cosmo
Fresh lime juice, orange liqueur and vodka, topped with cranberry juice

Cuba Libre 43 / Licor 43
Dark rum and cola with a splash of lime.

Litre and a half of red or rose house wine with fruit juice, brandy, liqueur, fruit and ice.

Agua De Valencia
Litre and a half jug with fresh orange juice, gin and vodka, topped with cava.